A Historically Good Read

A Historically Good Read - Rekindled by Teresa Irizarry

Hardcover: 490 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse (2015)
Language: English

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I love a good historical fiction novel. One of my favorite authors of all time is Jane Austen because I love to read about the era that she lived in and wrote about. There are many good contemporary writers bringing fantastic historical fiction to readers, as well.

I rarely read books where the subject matter is largely political in nature, as the bulk of the historical novels I’ve read have tended to focus on interpersonal relationships, societal issues or other such subject matter — until I picked up Teresa Irizarry’s Rekindled.

This novel is about the separation of church and state and how the issue can put too much power in the hands of those who govern and allow them to force their political agendas on religious institutions and citizens. We all learned about this, to some degree, in high school history classes. But, I found myself really thinking about the concept in a different way while reading this novel because it was presented in a narrative style that allowed me to see how the conflict affected real people, families, groups, businesses, and communities in a way that I’d never considered before.

If you are looking for a thriller with lots of fast-paced action, this novel will not satisfy you. But, if you enjoy a book that opens your mind and gets you to think and expand your intellect you should give Rekindled a read. I was very impressed with how well the story was written, the introduction and development of characters and the pace of the story. I thought, upon reading the beginning of the book, that I might get lost with the transitions from one storyline and character set to others as well as all the different characters and different groups of people. But, I found it wasn’t hard to wrap my head around these things, at all, and that I enjoyed the book much more than I anticipated.


Rekindled by Teresa Irizarry


Rekindled is a historical fiction about how Roger Williams becomes the original architect of the separation of church and state. He must survive the men that intend to silence him in order to engineer and demonstrate a new society structure that will protect people voicing ideas and heartfelt convictions while keeping civil peace. If he fails, the tragedy of needless loss of life and livelihood will continue unabated on both sides of the Atlantic. Roger Williams obtained the first charter for the colony of Rhode Island in 1644, as an explicit experiment in the separation of church and state.

Rekindled is also a historical fiction about Miantonomoh, an Algonquian prince from the elite line called the Steward rulers. He must prove himself a competent general, diplomat, and family man to lead the Narragansett and other Algonquian. If none like Miantonomoh succeeds cruel English puppet prince Uncas will rule but rapidly lose followers.

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What is your favorite literary genre to read? Do you think, based on my thoughts and the synopsis of this novel, that you’d be interested in reading it?

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