A Unique Approach To The Exercise Ball

A Unique Approach To The Exercise Ball

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I love pilates and yoga. Both programs are perfect for those with small spaces to workout in, such as apartment dwellers like me! I first discovered pilates a few months after I got married. I fell in love with both yoga and pilates because you only need basic equipment! The only equipment I use is a yoga mat and yoga blocks when my wrists hurt or ache from an injury. Other than that, I mainly use the yoga mat! I have seen exercise balls being used in either yoga and pilates but never really considered adding them to my routine because I don’t know how to use them nor have any workout DVDs specifically for the ball.

I have seen people use exercise balls to sit at their desk to help improve posture and balance their core. If I had my own work desk, I would consider using an exercise ball from time to time!

There is a uniquely designed exercise ball called Best Ball!

Best Ball Upclose

When I received the Best Ball, I admit, I had no idea how to inflate it. It took me a few minutes to figure it out and then it took another 10-15 minutes to finally inflate the ball completely. Of course, my son had to help supervise the entire time.

I am surprised at how big the Best Ball is, so if I do need to save space, I can always deflate the ball for easy storage.

Best Ball V Sit

First, I love the shape of the Best Ball. I am accustomed to seeing round exercise balls. I am completely open to trying new fitness programs because I need the variety! I like to switch up my routine because I tend to get bored or lose my motivation.

I find the Best Ball workouts to be new and different. I love that the workouts are perfect for people of all ages and levels. No matter your fitness level, the workouts ease into each pose! The instructor is very calm and explains each exercise. You can modify when you need to and the workouts are easy to follow.

Best Ball Side Bend

Now that I have the Best Ball, I will be searching for more poses I can try! I love that I have an exercise ball on hand and can work on my core with resistance!

The Best Ball comes with a workout DVD and a foot pump to inflate the ball.

You can find Best Ball on their website.

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