Balancing Work and Life

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Balancing Work and Life

As a work at home mom, I feel pressured to get my work done in the morning. I prefer to work in the morning, while my son is at school. It means less distractions when he is away. I can focus on work and also household chores. I like to multitask.

When I am unable to do my work, I feel like I am behind schedule. This past weekend, I was unable to get my work done when I wanted to. On Saturday, my laptop needed to be updated and that took well over 6 hours. During that time, I did make myself useful and get things done. I jumped on the treadmill and walked and jogged!

On Sunday morning, our internet decided not to work for over an hour. Things like that put me behind schedule. I like to be able to do my work done early in the day. That gives me the rest of the day to do whatever I need or want.

I am trying to balance my life in as well. I am trying to make time for myself. I like to treat myself to something simple as a nap, mud mask, or watch my favorite shows on Netflix or catch up on shows I missed and watch them online. Either way, I like to take time for myself. When the weather is nice, I also like to go for a walk outside. This year, I plan on getting up to take breaks to walk on my treadmill or go outside for a few minutes. Either way, I need to add more walking into my day!

When my husband is home, which is rare, I try to make time for him if he isn’t playing video games. It is nice to talk or just watch a few shows together.

My work schedule can vary and when things pop up and need to be done, I will jump online to get it done. Otherwise, I do try to work during the day and leave plenty of time to unwind.

How do you balance work and life?

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