I Feel Disconnected From My Family

I Feel Disconnected From My Family

As a blogger, sometimes I feel obligated to get my work done first. I enjoy working during the week while my son is at school and my husband is asleep. It gives me the time to focus on my own thoughts. I like to stay updated on social media, emails and my “to do” list!

I know that I feel disconnected from my family. When my husband and I got out to eat without our son, he will sit there on his phone and I am left staring off in to space without having a conversation with him. We are both disconnected from each other. It is so sad too.

When my husband is up and at home, I do try to have a conversation with him but it is usually one sided to where he talks about work. He never seems to want to listen to what is happening in my world.

We both have smartphones, so we are immersed in social media, emails and anything else. It is very easy to get distracted with a phone! I do remember my life before I had a phone.

I do my best to separate my time between work and home life. I give myself a schedule to do my work. The only technology I like to use in the evening is the television. I love watching Netflix in the evening!

Sometimes I don’t feel guilty that my blog and smartphone take over my life. My husband spends our weekends playing video games the entire time. If he’s going to ignore us, why not fill my time with what I want to do?

I am still feeling the pressure to pay the bills. Doing my blog work allows me to earn enough each month so I can pay everything. Even though my husbands works full time, his help is not guaranteed. That leaves me to make sure the bills get paid each month.

My husband and I live two separate lives under one roof. I have my blog and he has his job.

What about you? Do you feel technology has enhanced or detracted from your relationships?

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  1. Wow…this is my life too! My hubby either on his phone or playing video games. When we go out to eat everyone on their phone. My kids both have phones- we started Family Game Night- and no one is allowed to have their phones.

  2. There needs to be a time when the phones are turned off and everyone is forced to “look up”. One of the major things we’ve done while creating our new store is turning off Facebook notifications. These are not just killers of relationships – they are productivity killers as well. Despite what you think you feel, you DO NOT need to know what your friends are doing every second. Facebook has made us into a sickeningly voyeuristic culture. We were way more focused on our own lives before the little blue “f” icon existed, and it needs to continue. Make your own experiences – don’t live through the lives of others. Oh, and for date night, phones should either be completely powered down or left at home.

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