I Made A Huge Mistake

I Made A Huge Mistake

Late last month, I made a huge mistake. This week, it had some repercussions!

It turns out, I went shopping online and bought new clothes at Costco! I purchased a pullover and french terry jacket. Both are super adorable! I love wearing them around the house too. I love the pullover because it is so soft! The french terry jacket is cute too, I love the thumb holes in them. However, I don’t like how long it is. I have a short torso, so I usually buy petite clothing. The french terry jacket doesn’t come in petite sizes so it is very long on me and gets all bunched up in the tummy area. Other than that, I love wearing it and the thumb holes are my favorite part.

I love wearing both of them however, I ended up buying the pullover in every color! I also bought a few other tops with thumb holes in them. I hope I will like wearing them too.

Last month, I also bought more jeans! They were very affordable too. I have to return two of them because I don’t like the style or fit. I may buy more styles as I love wearing jeans!

After I receive my other order, this should be the last purchase for clothes for several months. I seem to buy new clothes a few times a year. I buy new shoes about once a year, if that.

I wanted to buy new clothes that I could wear while walking or jogging too. I am hoping to keep myself motivated to stay on track with fitness. New clothes always helps, right? I’ve been walking and jogging on my treadmill because it is so cold outside but I do have the option to walk outside wearing my new clothes as well!

Have you ever made a mistake and purchased a cute piece of clothing and ended up loving it so much you had to buy the item in more colors? I tend to do that a lot. I find something that I love, either the fit or the style and I have to buy more! I am the type to buy clothing that I can mix and match.

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