I Tried To Avoid Yoga

I Tried To Avoid Yoga

Honestly, when I think back, I tried to avoid yoga. I avoided it because I thought everyone was jumping on the band wagon and I try not to follow the crowd all the time. Years later, yoga ended up landing in my lap. I received a DVD and I admit, I was curious. I tried the DVD and got dizzy after doing only 20 minutes of it. I thought the poses were long winded and I believe the entire workout was 50+ minutes. At the time, I found the workout to be too slow for me. I was accustomed to doing cardio and pilates type workouts.

Then I read an ebook explaining the benefits of yoga. I realized how yoga is beneficial for my mind, body and overall health.

Due to health issues, I found myself drawn to yoga again because it was calming for me. I found myself experiencing vertigo and that really slowed me down from my cardio. I also went back to work full time and completely exhausted by the time I got home each evening. I didn’t even want to attempt cardio workouts after a long day at work. Yoga and pilates found a way back into my life.

Nowadays, I would love to incorporate yoga into my life again. Due to space issues in our home, I am unable to do any workouts except my treadmill! I am trying to find a balance in my life with work and fitness, so my treadmill helps keep me active.

My son was sick two weeks ago and then we were hit with a snow storm. In the last three weeks, my son has been to school about 4 times. Once my son is back in school, I do plan on getting back on a regular schedule with my treadmill. It is hard to stay motivated when my son is home all day. Although, I am using the time to get caught up on my blog work.

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