September Is National Guide Dog Month

September Is National Guide Dog Month
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Did you know that this month is National Guide Dog Month? Have you ever seen a visually impaired person in public and didn’t know how to react, or felt awkward? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ‘see’ through the eyes of their guide dog? I know I have.

September is National Guide Dog Month, so I decided to learn more about what it might be like for people who are blind or visually impaired.

I’m partnering with Natural Balance (the maker of premium-quality pet food) and Guide Dogs for the Blind (a non-profit charitable organization that raises and trains exceptional guide dogs to serve the blind and visually impaired) to recognize the ‘Top Human-Canine Teams Who Make Us Believe.’

Natural Balance

These nine teams are outstanding examples of the amazing partnerships possible between humans and canines. I was particularly inspired by Tom and his guide dog Dynamo, and I want to share their story with you:

My favorite story of them all is the story about Melissa and Camry! She did not start to go blind until she was in her 20’s, and started going completely blind at the age of 27! Camry is her guide dog and she has been able to travel three continents with the help of Camry!

I myself have a large breed dog that I was able to rescue and after being hit by a car she had to have surgery to have one of her legs removed. I feel that I can relate to knowing how much they need their animals because my dog came to me in a time of need as well. The day my dad was buried my dog showed up at my doorstep and I had never seen her before. Come to find out she was at the pound and on her last day before being euthanized and she escaped. Today we make the best team together comforting each other when in need.

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To help people like Melissa thrive, please consider donating to Guide Dogs to the Blind. Once there, you can also read about the eight other amazing human-canine teams. There’s no better time than National Guide Dog Month to show your support for these incredible people and their four-legged superheroes. Although mine may only be a three-legged superhero she is special to me and helps me to get through life!

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Do you have a special bond with your pet? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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