Uncover Radiant Skin In 3 Steps

Uncover Radiant Skin In 3 Steps
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I love trying new makeup. When I walk into a makeup store, I feel so lost because there are so many choices! I never know where to start! Instead, I learn about new makeup from my friends, beauty articles, commercials and blogs. I prefer to read blog reviews. I want to know how the average person uses products.

When one of my writers did a review of Japonesque products, I was a bit envious! You can read her tips on how to get a flawless summer glow. When I read about the amazing Japonesque products, I had to try them myself!

I was sent a beautiful variety of Japonesque products including: Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer, Luminous Foundation Flawless Liquid Makeup, Liquid Light Luminescent Highlighter, Kumadori Blending Brush, Kumadori Powder Brush and Kumadori Buffing Brush.

Japonesque brushes

Of course, I read all about each product and how to use them. I am so amazed with the brushes! They are super soft but they do shed.

Japonesque makeup

Step 1: Primer

After cleansing and moisturizing your skin, start with applying the Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer. I admit, I tend to forget to use primer. After using the Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer, I am reminded of how incredible primer is! I use the primer all over my face, even on my eyelids. When I wear eyeshadow, my eyes tend to crease because of the way they are shaped.

Ever since I started using the Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer, my eyeshadow doesn’t crease! The primer feels like silky on my skin! My skin instantly looks smoother too! My eyeshadow blends better and stays put. No more trying to fix my creasing eyeshadow throughout the day.

Japonesque Foundation and Buffing Brush

Step 2: Foundation

Use the Kumadori Buffing Brush to apply the Luminous Foundation Flawless Liquid Makeup. It is recommended that you pump the liquid foundation directly to the brush and then apply to your face. This method works for me.

Japonesque Highlighter and Blending Brush

Step 3: Highlight

After blending and perfecting your foundation to look flawless and natural, it is time to add highlight! Use the Kumadori Blending Brush to blend the Liquid Light Luminescent Highlighter! I like to apply highlighter all over and blend in!

You can also mix the highlighter with your foundation and apply together!

I use the Kumadori Powder Brush to apply blush, bronzer or setting powder.

Uncover Radiant Skin In 3 Steps selfie

Here is my finished look! Overall, I am very impressed with the makeup! I love that the foundation has a pump dispenser. I tried another brand that does not have a dispenser at all, just a lid and you have to pour the liquid on your fingers or cotton ball. It is very messy and I’ve ended up with drops of makeup on the counter and on my clothes!

You can find Japonesque on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Great makeup brushes always make such a difference with makeup application! These sound terrific. Japonesque always makes such great products!

  2. I haven’t heard of this brand of makeup before, but it looks flawless on you in the picture. thanks for the review. ill definitely check them out

  3. I love that there are specific brushes for each step, that makes all the difference. You look great!!

  4. I’m a big fan of primer! I apply it everyday even when I don’t put on full makeup.It make my skin feel soft and give me a healthy shine!

  5. Sounds like an amazing product! Always trying to find the right product for me! Thank you!

  6. I have not had the pleasure of trying Japonesque as of yet, but maybe one day, if we are all lucky, there will be samples offered and we will all be able to try what sounds like an absolutely fabulous product!

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